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All Our Paths - Chapter Three (Thor)

Chapter Three


Loki woke, exhausted and unsurprised. His sleep had ranged from uneasy to nonexistent for over a week. He pushed off the light sheet, grimacing upon finding he had sweated through it overnight. Again. Spring was unusually warm this year, but nothing that would warrant the constant perspiration that plagued Loki and only seemed to be worsening.

Dawn was only starting touch the horizon, so Loki indulged in a long, cold bath in his private chambers. It was a happy luxury, even with the knowledge that in two hours, the Glíma would have him sweating once more.

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All Our Paths - Chapter Two (Thor)

Warning: Characters are going to act like jerks and no one is going to call them on it. Yet. But I wanted you know I am aware. ^^

Chapter Two
With a roar, Thor lifted Fandral bodily to unbalance him. The two, grappling men toppled to the ground, Thor pinning his opponent successfully.

“Peace,” Fandral gasped around the crushing pressure on his ribs. “Peace, my friend.”

“You should beg for mercy more fervently,” Sif criticized, perched with the rest of the Warriors Three on the sidelines to the practice ring. “Considering your poor showing all day.”

“Then I shall sweetly beg respite from your tongue, Lady Sif.” Free of Thor’s hold, he rolled to his feet and executed a short, flourishing bow. “For it is far more cutting than any bruise I’ve earned today.”

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Chapter One

Thor did not run, because princes about to reach their maturity did not chase down their little brothers like they were both still children. He did not run, but it was a very fast walk.

"Loki!" Thor threw open the doors to his brother's chambers. Loki looked up from his desk, one eyebrow raised in wry surprise, still and neat in his dark robes. Thor breathed hard like a war horse, sweating under his leathers, already dusty from his warm up in the ring. "Brother, what madness has seized you now?"

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Title: Afterglow
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Summary: Odin and Frigga make a bet about who Thor will bed first. They get incest!
Rating: NC-17

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